Disposable gloves in TPE Nitrag BLUE soft touch powder-free anti-allergic

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Disposable gloves in TPE Nitrag BLUE soft touch powder-free anti-allergic


Nitrag TPE gloves BLUE - SOFT Touch - pack of 100 pieces. Protective gloves for healthcare and general use. Water resistant, chemical resistance to a range of chemicals and substances commonly used in healthcare.

VAT as per Budget Law 2021, art. 1, paragraph 452

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Nitrag's powder-free, allergy-free TPE disposable gloves prevent allergic reactions among workers and customers. Made of polyethylene (LDPE) with 7.5 / 8 Microns, the gloves do not release unwanted chemicals and therefore allow direct contact with food or other sensitive objects.

TPE disposable gloves

As an excellent alternative to expensive gloves made from various other materials, NitrAG disposable allergy-free powder-free TPE gloves are suitable for safe use in the food and beverage industries, consumer services such as spas, beauty salons, barbershops and everyday life.

  • Excellent fit, maximum sensitivity and dexterity for fine tasks. The entire glove is finely textured (including palms and fingers) to provide a consistent grip on glassware, small objects, tools and instruments.
  • Isolate odors and dust to keep your hands clean
  • Ideal for all types of uses that require a safe and hygienic environment
  • Ideal for almost any application, including tattooing, food preparation, painting, cleaning, pet care, DIY, hobbies, arts and crafts
  • Convenient dispensing package keeps gloves clean and organized by providing easy access

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