As distributors of Berthold Technologies we offer a wide range of bioanalytical instruments for basic research laboratories, pharmaceutical companies, biotechnology and biomedical companies.

Bioanalytical instruments make it possible to identify, quantify and analyse the physical, biological and molecular characteristics of thousands of substances and products.


The Colibri microvolume spectrometer can measure the smallest volumes of DNA, RNA, protein and more. Quantification is fast, easy and reliable. Colibri is ready to use immediately and the measurement takes less than 5 seconds. The on-board software is available in several languages and offers 9 ready-to-use protocols managed by a colour touchscreen. The sample is closed, eliminating evaporation.


M&M Biotech offers single and multi tube luminometers " Made in Germany " by Berthold that guarantee high quality measurements in different types of luminescence applications. a. Tube luminometers provide, through single photon counting, a very wide dynamic range with linearity of more than six orders of magnitude; they are ideal for reporter gene assays, ATP/NADPH measurements, enzymatic assays and other applications for luminescence research and diagnostics. Berthold Technologies offers different types of tube luminometers: portable, single tube and automatic luminometers in which up to 180 samples can be processed.


M& M Biotech offers a unique workstation from Berthold Technologies for the automation and processing of ELISA, luminescence assays (LIA / CLIA), hybridization assays and microplate assays.

The miniWorkstation "Crocodile" from Berthold is the ideal tool for automating microplate tests where dosing, washing, shaking and incubation are required. It is easy to install and easy to use and avoids the complications of wider automation.

The four functions are provided in a single tool, thus saving valuable bench space. Crocodile Control software allows a flexible combination of all the required steps. The tool is easy to use, extremely reliable and requires only minimal routine maintenance.


MM Biotech offers 96 and 384 microplate washers with or without plate loader. So with the addition of the dispenser module we are able to offer a unique instrument for washing and dispensing.


Berthold Technologies was one of the pioneers in the development of imaging systems for monitoring gene expression in living organisms, and the NightOWL II LB 983 is the third generation of such systems.

The NightOWL. tool has different CCD-cameras depending on the application required; moreover the CCD-camera can move vertically inside the cabinet, allowing to obtain close-up images, as well as images of plants and animals.

Finally, accessories are available for fluorescence, in-vivo imaging of small animals (a mouse anaesthesia unit and a special couch for multimodal imaging) and for approximate volume calculation using the 3D-orthogonal option. The new IndiGOTM software allows simple acquisition and fast image processing.


Our complete line of microplate readers offers versatility, sensitivity, precision and dynamism. You can choose between different modules to configure multi-mode and single mode systems. Microplate readers have been developed to support a fully modular approach to best suit your lab's needs and budget. Any combination of technologies and reading options can be composed with the possibility of later upgrades.

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