Single Cell Analysis allows to discover mechanisms that are not visible during the study of the entire population. It can be studied through the use of different technologies that allow genomic, transcriptomic, proteomic and metabolomic analysis at single cell level.

Single Cell Analysis is essential to answer previously unsolvable questions in cancer research, stem cell biology, immunology, developmental biology and neurology.

  1. Cell Sorting

Fluorescence-activated cell sorting (FACS) has emerged as the leading technology for the basic step of the single cell study, i.e. the isolation of a cell or a small number of cells from a heterogeneous mixture of cells. Individual cells can be selected based on surface marker expression, cell size and cell complexity/granularity and then used for any downstream application.

For this purpose we offer the most complete range of reagents and instruments that allows the isolation of a single cell directly inside a 96 well plate well; among them, antibodies for cytofluorimetry, Becton Dickinson sorter of the latest generation and a cell sorting service for outsourced analysis.

  1. Genomic Analysis

Analyses of this type allow a detailed study of the structure, content, function and evolution of the genome of living beings under normal or pathological conditions to better appreciate any differences.

Our portfolio includes reagents and instruments for cloning, DNA and RNA extraction and analysis, microarray analysis, gene expression, PCR, qPCR and dPCR. In particular, our Single Cell-to-CT kits feature a fast and easy to perform protocol and with extreme sensitivity and workflow standardization they allow you to switch from cell to gene expression analysis for qPCR directly in the same well as the 96 well plate.

  1. Imaging

For imaging we have available CELLviewer, the Lab-on-Chip platform CellDynamics that supports cell culture and live imaging in a simplified workflow. Equipped with optics, software and microfluidics to isolate and analyze cell suspensions, the system also includes accurate environmental monitoring of temperature, gas and nutrients to support live cells for long-term observations. A complete and dynamic Single Cell Analysis of cell behavior and function.

Our imaging proposal has strengths derived from a wide range of fluorescent reagents or cellular dyes for clear field analysis, simple microscopes such as EVOS XL/FL, fluorescence and automated microscopes, EVOS AUTO cell imaging systems and High Content Screening systems such as CX5 and CX7.

  1. Sequencing and Library

Through this analysis we can analyze in detail the primary structure of a biopolymer (DNA or RNA) of our cell of interest. Depending on the type of information the researcher wants to obtain, we can offer different types of platforms, from Sanger Sequencing with Gold-Standard Technology to Ion Torrent Next-Generation Sequencing.

Our Sanger sequencing kits and reagents support PCR amplification of regions of interest, sequencing cycle and reaction cleanup, while our NGS kits and reagents are available for target molecule selection, library building and templates preparation.

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