M&M Biotech provides laboratory equipment. We build research, clinical and educational laboratories or work on existing ones. The companies with which we collaborate allow us to guarantee not only the quality of the instruments and accessories sold, but also a technical assistance service. We always carry out punctual and decisive interventions thanks to the help of qualified and expert technicians.

  1. Laboratory Analytical Instrumentation

Laboratory analytical instruments include a wide range of instruments whose main purpose is to identify, quantify and analyse molecular, physical and biological properties of thousands of substances and products. In particular we are able to supply pHmeters, precision balances, spectrophotometers, fluorimeters, luminometers, microplate readers for the most varied applications, microscopes and cytofluorimeters.

  1. General Laboratory Equipment

Our portfolio includes a wide range of small, medium and large instrumentation necessary for a laboratory: heating and stirring plates, stirrers, ovens, centrifuges, refrigerators +4°C, freezers -20 and -80°C, cryopreservation systems.

  1. Cell Culture Equipment

Our proposal includes all the instrumentation useful for the maintenance and manipulation of cultures of cell lines or primary cells: CO2 incubators, biological hoods, refrigerated and non-refrigerated centrifuges, baths, microscopes and cell counters.

  1. Technical furniture

For years our company has not only supplied the laboratories with small and large instrumentation, but is also able to set up new laboratories starting from the technical furniture, from the single piece of furniture to the complete laboratory. Thanks to the collaboration of Human Arredi, a leading company in the field of technical laboratory furniture, we offer cutting-edge products both for quality and versatility, meeting any need of use.

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