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The selection of M&M Biotech's biotech products reflects its corporate philosophy, which is focused on constant updating and continuous drive for technological innovation. M&M Biotech offers a complete portfolio of biotech products, consisting of the top of the range of leading brands in the Life Science sector, with a wide offer divided into macro-areas.

As a convinced supporter and promoter of scientific research, M&M Biotech supports its partners and customers in their laboratory activities, guaranteeing high standards of efficiency and quality of performance.

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We present our new catalogue of biotechnological products and services for laboratories. We have selected the best brands in the life science sector and close partnerships with the best manufacturers in the biotech field.

Catalogue of biotechnological products and instruments for laboratory

Real-time RT-PCR multiplex diagnostics kit to enable clinical and public health laboratories to quickly diagnose COVID-19

COVID-19 IgM/IgG Rapid Test

COVID-19 IgM / IgG is a rapid diagnostic test for the qualitative detection of COVID-19 lgM and IgG antibodies in human blood.

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