BD Biosciences: The Difference of Breakthrough Moments

With an integrated solution for groundbreaking single-cell research.As you break barriers to scientific discovery one experiment at a time, our goal is to help you achieve your breakthrough. That’s why we bring you an integrated solution—instrumentation, software, reagents, as well as a team of experienced world-class service and application support to back you up when [...]

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Profile more biomarkers with less sample

Invitrogen ProcartaPlex immunoassays are antibody-based, magnetic bead reagent kits and panels for multiplex protein quantitation using the Luminex instrument platform. The assays cover more than 200 cytokine, chemokine, growth factor, and other protein targets from human, mouse, rat, non-human primate, canine and other species. Select from 50+ pre-configured multiplex panels (2- to 65-plex), or blend [...]

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Invitrogen Prime Flow: Detecting RNA Targets by Flow Cytometry

Invitrogen PrimeFlow RNA Assay expands the capability of flow cytometry to measure RNA. Combine PrimeFlow with immunolabeling of both cell-surface and intracellular proteins using fluorophore-conjugated antibodies. Researchers now can reveal the dynamics of RNA transcription together with protein expression patterns in single cell resolutions

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